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GVNR Health is a chain of multispeciality hospitals where the treatment and care is equivalent to global standards. There are numerous branches of medicine in which we excel. The modern technology we use, coupled with great Doctors with various fields of expertise, gives us a plethora of specialities we provide expert treatments in…

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What Our Patients Say

  • I went there with my grandfather in emergency. Initially I was sceptical because of all the bad reviews. But i had a great experience. The staff were very helpful and our doctor was great. He explained us everything clearly and reassured us.

    Sravya Datla

  • Very Good Service. Had to take my Grandmother to the emergency, the admin staff were quick to respond and handled the admission and discharge and billing process very well. The nurses also took good care and responded promptly.

    Krishna Sasanka

  • Very good hospital. I visited poulomi recently with Malaria. I am very happy with their service. They really took good care of me. I can recommend this hospital to many of my surroundings.

    Gurijala Sai Kumar

  • Very good hospital..inside environment is clean, I brought my father in critical condition, Doctor approach of treatment is excellent. Charges are also less and staff are friendly.

    Deepak Reddy

  • Care is the other word referred to poulomi, the way they take care of patients. A proper dedication can be seen in the form of medication through doctors and staff in poulomi

    Chaitanya Kumar

  • Thanks to poulami hospital I went morning to consult general physician… Karuna madam is taking more care about patients thanks to op Karuna madam she smile is so beautiful.

    Steven steven