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  How do bones Heal? Bone healing means the treatment done for the broken bones Healing depends on the history of the AO. Bone healing can be of two types: Indirecting healing (or) secondary healing Direct healing (or) primary healing (or) remodeling 1.Indirect healing (or) secondary healing Indirect healing is also known as secondary healing […]


Nasal cavity is isolated into two by nasal septum. Issue emerges when it isn’t partitioning it evenly prompting a condition known as Deviated Nasal Septum. There are four significant reasons for DNS. First one is Trauma which means any abnormal pressure applied to nasal septum results in its deviation from one side or another. Second […]

Interventional Procedure used to diagnose and treat Cardiovascular disease

Interventional Cardiology which centers around diagnosing and treating coronary illness by intrusive method and that is generally called as cardiovascular cauterization in which little cylinders are progressed to the heart and individual arteries and dye is infused and the pressures are recorded that is the part of interventional cardiology. If there is a blockage in […]