Uses And Health Benefits of Tomatoes – GVNR Health

Botanically tomato is a fruit, However many places in the world including the US classified the tomato as a vegetable for culinary consumption. This edible berry comes from the deadly nightshade family of Solanum Lycopersicum which explains why Europeans first considered the red shiny fruit to be poisonous. While tomato is, In fact toxic the […]

Diagnosing Traumatic brain Injury

The brain is the most intricate component of the human body. This organ is the seat of intelligence, the database of memories, interpreter of senses, and the director of all movement. In the brain, there are 100 billion nerve cells called neurons. Sending electrical and chemical signals to and from the body. Each neuron has […]

Are Varicose Veins Dangerous?

If the treatment is not done for varicose veins, they may lead to serious complications. There are many grades if we do not treat they may lead to congestion of the skin with multiple RBC’s will get accumulated. This is a deoxygenated blood since it is venous blood and that leads to accumulation within the […]

Respiratory problems in Pediatrics

The common pediatric problems that arise in the respiratory problems are upper and lower airway obstruction. There are set of conditions that result in the upper airway obstruction but some edema of the soft tissues of the upper airway either in the subglottic region below the vocal cords or in the soft tissues above the […]