Nutrition is very important for living a long and healthy life, and also to prevent diseases and ailments. Our nutritionists will give an elaborate plan for healthy nutrition so you can follow an ideal diet and be immune to many diseases. Following an organised diet based on your body’s specific requirements will guarantee good results in not only improving your health but also in finding what makes you stronger.

Why GVNR Hospitals?

Tackle the challenge of delivering affordable healthcare for Indian middle class

GVNR Hospitals is a venture of Crassus Ventures which is an ASIC (Australia) registered corporate group based in Singapore; Specialising in alternative investments across asset management, engineering, healthcare, industrials, infrastructure, and TMT. Our management includes many highly qualified and well-experienced individuals from all walks of life. We are a team of cross-cultural professionals that have been together for quite some time and will continue to work together in our future endeavours. We are committed to provide quality healthcare to the middle class.